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"I own a small family business that serves Tacoma, Puyallup and the surrounding areas. Strategic Wisdom Consulting has done all of our website and other Internet marketing. They have been extremely successful for us and I am very pleased with their marketing performance and customer service. They dramatically increased our website's visits (over 500%) and number of customers in just a few months using various search engine optimization methods, Facebook and other social media, and other methods. They consistently and continually developed great marketing content about our business and communicated it in creative and effective ways. They developed, increased and maintained great customer and potential customer engagement with our business, caused a steady and increasing flow of new business, and helped us facilitate a very high level of repeat business. In short, they did everything they said they would and our business has hugely prospered and increased as a result. Lastly, their prices were very fair and their services have produced much more business revenue than what we have paid them. I highly recommend them."

J. Stewart, Co-Founder, Door-to-Door Dog Grooming, www.doortodoordoggrooming.com, 5 Stars Review Google March 2016

Would you like to have Virtually no limit to your growth? The Internet is virtually limitless - how are you maximizing it for your business?

Consumers are constantly passively receiving and actively seeking information - send out your best, continuously. And be unique! There is so much information constantly bombarding folks on the Internet; setting yourself apart to get noticed and stimulate engagement is key.

As a former trial and business attorney, John litigated complex, high-stake criminal, commercial and civil legal actions for over 14 years in all levels of courts. Now he serves as a uniquely strategic business improvement, marketing, e-commerce and communications consultant using astute and diverse skills acquired, tested and honed over years on the frontline of business conflicts, operations, marketing and sales in multiple areas and arenas. He helped his personal and corporate clients successfully recover in excess of $50 million during his legal career. He also served as corporate counsel for nonprofit and for-profit corporations and gained a deep understanding of the organization, formation, administration and management of sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations and other business entities.

His cases involved claims regarding products liability, construction liability, medical and other professional malpractice, and negligence, breaches of fiduciary duty, misrepresentation and fraud by corporate owners, directors, officers, managers and employees. In short, he intimately knows, is adept at and has a proven track record of successfully navigating the inner workings of business entities. He knows what businesses do wrong and right and how to develop business plans and take corrective action to fix problems and maximize opportunities and benefits.

He is also adept at the use of the Internet outside of the legal field to plan, focus, combine and maximize e-marketing efforts, and create advertising, customer and potential customer informing, engagement and sales encouragement e-communications and other types of business communications. He has organized and led numerous e-marketing campaigns for law firms, commercial and personal products dealers and retailers and services providers. He is an expert researcher and a creative, persuasive and energetic communicator skilled in the dynamic and effective use of e-media, print media, and in-person communications and presentations. He focuses on developing, implementing, updating and refining on an ongoing basis business website content and SEO aspects complimentarily with search engine listings, ad campaigns and other functionalities and social media platforms and tools to maximize Internet exposure, customer attraction and repeatability.

He also has extensive business development, marketing and entrepreneurial experience and skills. During his legal career he led marketing efforts for his own firm and as a partner in other firms and helped to establish satellite offices in other states, including performing the advance target market research, business seed planting, cultivation and relationship building necessary before opening those offices.

Lastly, he is a strategy and logistics specialist. He focuses on business plan development, execution and maximization with an emphasis on efficiency and risk minimization. He helps your business vision be well-defined, clear, focused, sharp and best realized. 

Computer and Internet techs fill the field of Internet marketing and e-commerce. This presents a serious problem: Techs are often not good at communicating with people and typically have very little, if any, experience in sales, marketing or in effectively relating with people. To be good in the field of marketing and sales you must be good with people and have great communication skills. At its core, the business of marketing is the business of people. It's relational and you must be able to understand people and communicate effectively or you will not be able to successfully engage consumers and facilitate sales.

At the other end of the spectrum, you have people who know marketing and sales but are not tech and Internet savvy. There are a myriad of Internet platforms and e-tools to use to build, utilize and maximize an effective e-marketing campaign. And while they do share some similarities, they are also different in significant aspects. If you don't know how to use them or are only minimally familiar with them, you are at a major disadvantage to those who do.

Having a background heavy in professional public, personal and business speaking and persuasive oral and written communications, marketing and sales in various business fields, and effectively utilizing technology and the Internet in those and other business pursuits makes us uniquely qualified to develop rich and compelling content and communicate it with the utmost effectiveness utilizing all of the platforms and e-tools the Internet makes available

Utilizing the various social media platforms is a key component of any effective e-marketing campaign, but to be effective requires regular updating, developing and releasing of new information and timely professional, friendly and continuous engagement with visitors and posters. Many people are much more likely to contact your business through social media now than call you on the telephone or send you an email. And timely and otherwise appropriately responding to such inquiries is very important in facilitating a positive image and reputation for your business and stimulating sales. We effectively handle all aspects of social media for our customers - as much or as little as they want us to.


There are many people and ostensible businesses offering search engine optimization ("SEO") services these days. Many of them are not located in the United States. They contact people mostly by email, but also by telephone. It is often very difficult, if not impossible, to determine whether you are even dealing with a legitimate business provider, much less a trustworthy, quality one.

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"My company has had great success and a great experience with Strategic Wisdom Consulting and I would recommend them to anyone wanting to increase their business. I am a manager of a furniture business with stores serving Palm Beach County Florida and the surrounding areas. We also sell our products throughout the rest of Florida and the United States through our sales/e-commerce website. SWC helped us build a new website and developed most of the image and text content and layout for it. They also handled our search engine listings and storefronts, SEO and Internet ads. SWC greatly increased our website traffic over 600% and our engagement with customers and potential new customers through social media and otherwise in just a few months' time. They used a coordinated multi-method approach to reach a broad audience with creative, fresh and compelling content using a variety of Internet channels. We have experienced a substantial increase in business growth as a result. They diligently and effectively manage our website, social media pages and other Internet marketing on an ongoing basis and they have increased our business every month they have worked for us. Also, they developed a deep, personal understanding of our business and expressed it in ways that stimulated customer engagement and attraction. Lastly, they have great customer service and fair prices. You get a lot of bang for your buck with SWC - that's for sure!" Chris S., 5 Stars Review Google February 2016

"John is God sent, He went above and beyond his call to help our small physical therapy practice go from no internet presence to the most dominate presence in our city. Consistently improving and altering our ads and key words to improve click traffic online. Thank you so much for all you have done!"

J. Belmana, Office Manager, FYZICAL Broward, www.fyzicalbroward.com, 5 Stars Review Google March 2017

One of the unconventional and unique ways we dramatically increase SEO for our customers is the use of a special proprietary technology combined with high definition short business marketing videos that when posted virtually guarantee a first page Google search result listing for your company's key words in a very short period of time. This proprietary code embedded into the marketing videos we produce for your business drives up SEO dramatically on Google and other search engines while at the same time the videos themselves provide an appealing visual advertising display on the Internet for your business with beautiful visuals and well-worded informational voice-overs about your business. The videos may also be added to your website and posted on social media.

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Depending on what Internet statistics provider you look to, more than 80% of Internet searches are now done on smart phones and less than 20% are done on desktop computers and laptops. Consequently, to have an effective e-marketing campaign you must take this reality into account and design, focus and implement your campaign to best meet it and maximize it for your benefit. Much potential business can be lost if your website and other Internet platforms and tools are not being used with mobile users and the different parameters presented by mobile devices and searches in mind. We focus heavily on the prevalence of mobile searches in all our e-marketing efforts on behalf of our customers.

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