​We make your business face known on the Net and help make you positively stand out and be distinctive among your competitors. We help showcase and highlight why you are better than the rest.

We focus on developing, implementing, updating and refining on an ongoing basis fresh, engaging and sales stimulating website, social media and other advertising content, and increasing SEO improvement content and other SEO attributes and aspects. We use a coordinated and complimentary approach by simultaneously, maximally using search engine listings, ad campaigns and other functionalities and social media platforms and tools to drive up Internet exposure, customer attraction, engagement and repeat-ability. 

We get to know our customers' businesses and stay current with them in part so that we can continuously develop fresh, new content and alert customers to new products, trends, tips and sales initiatives on a regular and ongoing basis. We do not like to duplicate copy and focus on keeping target audiences interested by offering them something new, attention-getting and engaging every time. 

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Presence and Engagement Are Key

"SWC greatly increased our website traffic over 600% and our engagement with customers and potential new customers through social media and otherwise in just a few months' time." 5 Stars on Google, Chris S.

According to Google, having a lot of high quality, substantive content on your website and providing users with a good experience are the new, prominent focus of their search result ranking programs and methodologies. While SEO "science," the technical aspects, continues to be important in determining search result page ranking, the content substance of your website and how it is received by users are becoming increasingly more important and the predominant ranking factors now and for the future. 

In this connection, Strategic Wisdom Consulting is not just a "technical" SEO company made up of computer and Internet experts. We also specialize in professional level content research, development and writing. In fact, our founder was a professional writer for over 15 years before shifting his professional focus to Internet marketing, online advertising and SEO. Consequently, we are very good at creating great content quickly, efficiently, economically and prolifically. And great content makes for a great user experience!

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We use creative methods others don't that drive up seo & website traffic dramatically, quickly & economically

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We use a highly effective combination of typical Internet marketing services and SEO increase methods and creative, unconventional methods others are not aware of to produce dramatically increased SEO and website traffic quickly and for very comparatively low costs. Using some of these unique methods, we have been able to increase customer SEO to first and second page search result ranking and increase website traffic 300%-600% in just 1-3 months' time. We have also built brand new websites and achieved 2,000 to 6,000 visits a month within the first 1-2 months. And the costs incurred to do so were minimal, especially compared to what others charge (for far less successful results).

in driving up seo & internet search result page ranking, great content & user experience Are the new focus 

Essentially, effective use of the Internet to maximize business has two primary components: 1) your business having and maintaining an appealing and valuable presence on the Internet; and 2) ongoing successful business producing engagement/communication with potential customers and customers through the use of the Internet. There are multiple Internet e-commerce platforms available for use to accomplish these two components quite quickly and substantially for the professional who knows how to use them. That’s where we come in.

Our initial scopes of work for businesses wanting to use the Internet to increase and otherwise improve their business are focused on successfully establishing both of these components quickly and substantially across the various Internet e-commerce platforms. These platforms include: landing pages (creating single page websites/e-storefronts); building more substantial websites, including those capable of automated sales processing; search engine listings, profile building and optimization (such as listing and effectively marketing businesses on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, etc.); social media page creation, optimization, maintenance and updating/keeping relevant and engaging/facilitating customer and potential customer engagements and dialogues, blogging, etc. (such as on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.); search engine and social media e-advertising campaigns of various types and levels and directed to various geographic and other demographic target audiences; Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) by developing content and using other methods to increase search engine traffic to your website; and customer and potential customer email address database building and email marketing campaigns.

A very important aspect of our recommended initial scopes of work and recommended ongoing work is to combine all of the above Internet e-commerce platforms and tools into a purposefully directed, coordinated and aligned holistic e-commerce approach that best accomplishes the two primary components stated above using a variety of complimentary angles: prominent, business stimulating and ongoing presence and engagement. The key is have the best face of your business put forward on the Internet through a variety of channels and maintained over time in order to maximize the public awareness of who you are, what you offer and why you’re the best choice among the various competitors and to maximally stimulate potential customer and customer engagement with your business to keep them informed, facilitate sales, and increase referrals and reputation.

We are able to initially substantially establish a new client’s Internet presence and launch multiple e-commerce engagement campaigns within approximately two (2) weeks of being retained. Our recommended initial scopes of work generally cost between $300-$2,500 depending on the specific desires of the client and the corresponding nature and extent of work we must perform to meet those desires. 

We do project piece work and also ongoing e-marketing campaign management work. Because it is very important to always put out new content and engage potential customers and customers on an ongoing basis, we highly recommend our monthly management plans, which we offer at discounted rates.

Strategic Wisdom consulting

"john [of strategic Wisdom Consulting] went above and beyond his call to help our small physical therapy practice go from no internet presence to the most dominate presence in our city." 5 Stars on google, j. belmana, Manager fyzical broward

"They dramatically increased our website's visits (over 500%) and number of customers in just a few months using various search engine optimization methods, Facebook and other social media, and other methods." J. Stewart, Co-Owner, Door-to-Door Dog Grooming

If you want to succeed and grow your business in the 21st Century, having a strategically purposed, multifaceted, integrated, dynamic and evolving Internet marketing and online advertising campaign is crucial. No matter where you are (or are not) in your current online business efforts, SWC has the ability, initiative and experience to get you where you need to be quickly, effectively and economically. SWC focuses heavily on all aspects of Internet marketing, online advertising content and communications and e-commerce, including through the use of websites, search engine optimization ("SEO"), email and Internet ad campaigns, social media platforms and other online methods, media devices and tools. We also provide marketing planning and implementation, advertising and business communications consulting outside of the context of e-commerce, as well as growth, risk management and administration solutions to improve, grow and make more efficient and effective your business operations. Lastly, our Internet marketing and online advertising services will increase your business whether or not you sell goods or services through the Internet. We guarantee to dramatically increase your website's

search engine rankings, number of website visitors, and social media engagement within 30 days. No website or social media pages?  - No worry, we will make them for you and make them fly!